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Our Mission

The mission behind this initiative is to continue to spread brown joy and doing so by making it easier for parents and teachers to talk about race and diversity starting at a young age; teaching children to respect and value people regardless of color.

There is value in diversity and more importantly value in diversity as it relates to education. As we know, not all children have access to books and especially books that represent them. This initiative isn’t isolated to just Black and brown children, as it is imperative that ALL children from different walks of life have the opportunity to see and have conversations that feature Black and brown individuals.

It is our mission to partner with companies who want to see change and help move the progression of diversity in children’s literature forward. We hope you will join us in the movement of donating 50,000 books to celebrate diversity today and every day moving forward.

The Ask:

To purchase Hey Carter! Books to be donated to a preschool(s) or elementary school(s) of your choice.

The Investment:

  • 30 Books: $250
  • 60 Books: $500
  • 120 Books: $1000
  • 620 Books: $5,000

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